Find Your W.O.W.
(Words of Wisdom)

Ever wonder what will happen when the top performers in any space and at any level are no longer around to answer the questions as only they can?

It’s happening to organizations everywhere for a variety of reasons:

  • Retiring baby boomers
  • Employee turnover
  • Off-shoring of jobs and roles
  • Sabbaticals and family leave
  • Mergers and acquisitions.

Lost intellectual capital can cost your organization time, money, continuity and credibility. Now is the time to capture the knowledge, expertise and success strategies of the people whose wisdom you cannot afford to do without — while you still have the chance.

Virtual Guru®, is a state-of-the art “knowledge transfer tool.” If that sounds daunting or difficult, it needn’t. The technology and process are simple, and the results are quick. The play-back of information is as easy as clicking a link on your intranet or downloading a tune to your MP3 player.

We can manage the process and/or train your team how.

The benefits?

You save time, money and organizational credibility by:

  • Passing along key information and techniques quickly and efficiently throughout your organization
  • Preserving your unique culture despite turnover
  • Quickly bringing new employees up-to-speed
  • Transferring the knowledge and skill of your star performers to eager learners (think sales training, customer service, specialized skills transfer)
  • Ensuring credibility and continuity for customers; reducing relationship management costs
  • Investing in a solution that scales to from search-based sound bites to interactive simulations with the power to change behavior and build your culture

Download the Virtual Guru brochure, and contact us for more information and a free consultation.

Virtual Guru has provided a great learning tool for Thinknicity's internal staff. We believe this tool will not only provide critical information for our recruiters, but will add value to the services we provide to our clients. The team's professionalism was outstanding. They really listened to our needs, helped us define and clarify our goals, and delivered an outstanding product. Their responsiveness and genuine interest in our goals is a rare find in the consulting community, and we appreciate the excellent service they have provided.

Helga Grayson
Thinknicity, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

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