Atlas Island Media provides eLearning solutions to organizations requiring increased revenue, stronger leadership, more capable management and higher performing individual contributors.

Atlas Island Media brings its patent-pending Learning Integrated Framework Environment (LIFE™) to organizations to leverage existing knowledge in the powerful contexts of engaging simulations and global, 24/7 communities of best practice.

Our platform, the Learning Integrated Framework Environment, LIFE™, integrates interactive game-based, role-playing simulations with multi-tiered mentoring and real-time job-based collaboration.

The LIFE™ platform and software can be applied to many kinds of learning, including professional skills such as:

  • Management
  • Sales
  • Implementation of global initiatives
  • Compliance

Virtual Guru®, is a new line of products and services that address the most critical dilemma facing organizations today: the departure of top talent. Boomers are retiring. Companies are merging and downsizing. Jobs are moving offshore. Turnover is increasing as the economy picks up. To find out how to capture corporate history, wisdom and expertise before it walks out the door for the last time, please visit www.atlasisland.com/virtual_guru.html


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