Executive Media Training from the Experts at Atlas Island Media


Using the Atlas Island Media Executive Media Training Program executives can:

  • Solve idiosyncratic communication problems that would otherwise alienate colleagues, the media and analysts
  • Reduce time preparing for presentations
  • Gain from a comprehensive program that provides immediate and long-term benefits

Our goal is to provide executives with media training that will enable them to effectively engage with media and Wall Street analysts. We provide a clear, time-efficient solution that directly correlates to the scenarios executives will encounter as they promote their firms to the press and to investors.

Benefits of the Atlas Island Media Executive Media Training Program

  • Scales to meet most executive needs
  • Increased power and confidence in handling communications
  • Credible questions raised by experts are current and authentic, giving executives peace of mind in real-life situations

What is the Atlas Island Media Executive Media Training Program?

The Atlas Island Media Executive Media Training Program is a comprehensive program that applies the principles of immersive, experiential learning through real-life scenarios to help executives gain mastery in communication.

Why Atlas Island Media?

  • Over nine years of corporate leadership and media training experience delivering workshops and producing multimedia, eLearning and behavioral simulations
  • Over two decades of experience as a member of the press (Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, The Economist, Business Magazine)
  • Internationally published commissioned author of popular non-fiction business books
  • Founder & President, Intrepid Film & Television (London) six years of development & production of drama, documentary and music programming for The British Broadcasting Corporation, Channel Four Network Television and International Video Network
  • Hands-on experience in audio recording, executive & line producing, camera work and advanced multi-media production
  • Commitment and ability to partner with teams to help employees arrive at best judgment on the job through highly-engaging training.


Patricia reviewed a presentation and was most helpful with her critique. Incorporating her suggestions made the talk more engaging and effective.

-- Yun Choi, National Science Foundation Fellow, Molecular Biology, UCSF

The workshop was very helpful to me. I was able to formulate a strategy for the problem at hand. …I think the benefit of the workshop was that it presented ways other than top-down commands to deal with work situations, and it allowed me to think of constructive solutions.

--Programming Manager, Information Technology Services, University of San Francisco

Your help in getting the group to think outside the box was and is invaluable. We are breaking new ground with this project.

--Training Specialist, Federal Government Health Network, New York

I was very impressed by Patricia Franklin as an individual, the technology she demonstrated, and the eLearning concepts as applied to the learning experience via simulation, mentoring, and community. Atlas Island Media also follows the model presented at today's meeting by Brandon Hall specifically regarding scalability and flexibility on a multi-media platform.

--Ralph Suozzi, Director, Planning Operations Integration Group, Human Resources, American Express

You have a solid start and the learning world needs more of your type of thinking. Overall, I was impressed with the holistic approach you took integrating the content with a context throughout your platform. Very clever and engaging to present mentors within a historical story where the foundational principles are relevant to today's audience.

--John Hara, Manager, Internet Learning Solutions Group Cisco Worldwide Training

The product offering looked interesting in a couple of ways: It affords learners a rich multi-media experience that will increase learning retention by simply mirroring their respective learning environments through compelling simulations. Because of its game-like interface, it takes on a different and, in many respects, more creative tone than other blended e-learning solutions where mentoring and flash graphics are the only creative elements deployed. This simulation actually deploys an interesting combination of mentoring, rewards and collaboration that more closely emulates real life.

--Ginger Sell, Manager, E-Learning Leadership Cisco Systems

Patricia is the kind of colleague you like to have around when your timeline is short, budget is limited and resources scarce. She consistently demonstrated that goals can be met in spite of hurdles and roadblocks. With her vast media production knowledge, intellectual curiosity and street smarts, Patricia is well equipped to handle any assignment she undertakes.

--Gary Jose, Vice President, Individual Software Incorporated

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